Build relationships with your customers

Max-e-tag is an innovative loyalty system and customer engagement tool, enabling your venue to connect and engage with patrons.

Max-e-tag allows you to reward your patrons with loyalty points, prizes and promotions. It also allows you to display advertising throughout your venue, including on all EGMs via the Player Interface Modules (PIMs).

Points and promotions

  • Reward patrons with points upon entry as well as when transacting or gaming.
  • Run member promotions.
  • Member tiering available to incentivise patrons to return.

Foyer terminal promotions such as:

  • Birthday prize
  • Logon ticket prize
  • Daily ticket prize
  • Random prize
  • Barrel draw promotion


  • PIMs (Player Interface Module) allow venues to display advertising on all EGMs.
  • Foyer terminal advertising.


  • Analyse Max-e-tag data to better understand customer trends, behaviours and preferences.
  • All data is exportable for further analysis.

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