Gaming System (QLD)

There’s a new LMO in Queensland

The Global Gaming System is the most widely used gaming system in Australia. First developed nearly 30 years ago and through various updates, the system continues to operate in more than 1,000 venues across the country. Approved for use by the QOLGR, the system offers you simplicity and reliability at a cost effective price.

The system comprises a suite of products that allow you to monitor all EGMs, automate payouts and provides powerful reporting and analysis capabilities. The Global Gaming System can also be configured with our loyalty systems as well as Omni VISION remote reporting.

UTOPIA Gaming CCU Model
UTOPIA Gaming Daily Trading report
GGS Graph
UTOPIA Gaming Management Report
Global Gaming System


We are pleased to advise that UTOPIA has been appointed as the first LMO in Queensland in nearly 20 years.

  • Monitoring services that support the QCOM protocol.
  • Preventative and remedial maintenance for EGMs and regulated gaming equipment through our network of highly trained technicians.
  • New platform tailored to the needs of Queensland operators.
  • Modern point to point network architecture.
  • 24/7 help desk.
CCU Icon


The CCU is the heart of the Global Gaming System, controlling all EGMs and facilitating credit transfer.


  • Monitor all EGMs in grid view.
  • Monitor EGM play and lockup statuses, generate shift and daily turnover reports.

Transactions and payouts:

  • System generated dockets for all manual payments such as cancelled credits, jackpots, short pays and hopper fills.
  • Automated posting of all dockets to applicable regulatory Form 41.

Security and cash management:

  • Individual accounts for users creates multi-level access and leaves an audit trail.
  • Automatic backup and archiving of data.
Global Eye Icon

Global Eye

The Global Eye is the reporting and BI function that generates a range of regulatory and performance reports.


  • Streamline reconciliation and reporting process.

Generate built in reports such as:

  • Daily trading
  • Hot machines
  • Performance reports
  • Management summary reports
  • Banking report
  • Actual v meter reports

Remote access:

  • Automate reports and send them straight to your email using the ‘set and forget’ function.
  • Remotely access enhanced reports via the Omni VISION online portal.
Omni VISION icon


Omni VISION is the remote monitoring tool that allows you to view all your devices including EGMs, CRTs, ATMs in one venue or across all your venues from your PC or mobile phone.

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