UTOPIA Gaming - Media Release

UTOPIA Gaming Systems purchased the Global Gaming System business in 2016.

Installed in over 900 venues in NSW, the Global system has been a major player in pubs and clubs for over thirty years.  It’s been highly successful because it is simple to use – and therefore easy to train new staff – and loved for its reliability.

Since the acquisition of Global Gaming, UTOPIA spent a lot of time listening to clubs about their needs for the future before we started to look at re-building the system.

While maintaining reliability and simplicity, the new Global CCU6 Plus Gaming System is very different to the old Global system. We have built a flexible and modern platform that is suitable for smaller venues that have limited resources.

“Historically, the SME club market has been under-served by the big gaming systems providers” says Scott Dawson, UTOPIA Head of Sales.  “Generally a system is “shoe-horned” into their venue that is either too complex to get the benefits or too expensive to run.”

We have built our latest Global Gaming CCU6 Plus Club System with SME clubs in mind. While we have maintained simplicity and reliability at the core of Global’s DNA, we have all the features you will need now and for the future. Importantly we can offer you many of the features that you currently have but at a lower monthly system cost.

UTOPIA also understands many of the club industry’s “pain points”.  You might buy the system like the big boys but it doesn’t stop you being pushed to the back of the software support and development queue.

“The small to medium sized club system business is our sweet spot because we can help each other grow,” says Dawson. “We are very happy to work with a smaller more nimble clientele because we think we can move the needle faster.”

One of the areas we have worked hard to address has been our loyalty system. Our original system was adequate for pubs but didn’t meet the more sophisticated needs of clubs. Our new UTOPIA Loyalty system is in the final stages of regulatory approval and brings powerful analytic, marketing and promotional tools at a price clubs can afford.

UTOPIA Loyalty is taking its venues into the digital age with a mobile player app that utilises push notifications for direct customer engagement.

Our market leading database analysis tools will provide valuable insights to help you tailor your promotional activity to your customers’ needs.

UTOPIA Loyalty operates seamlessly across individual venues and clubs of any size.

As a complete package, UTOPIA’s Global Gaming System delivers a full suite of gaming management functionality at a fraction of the cost of other systems, without compromising on reliability and efficiency.

Finally you need to know that if Digital Gaming becomes a reality, your system is going to meet your needs. Our new Global Gaming systems is at the forefront of the technology industry and will ensure digital gaming can be introduced at your venue as seamlessly as possible.

UTOPIA Gaming Systems is Australian owned and operated. It has a 24/7 help desk and dedicated software development team located at its HO in Sydney.

To find out more about the Global Gaming System click here or call UTOPIA Gaming Systems on 1800 200 201.